NIR鑑定技術報導 Report on NIR Identification Technology


感謝香港大學工程學院計算機科學系、社會科學學院地理系及建築學院客席教授 Dr. Winnie Tang 鄧淑明博士. 

於星島日報及巴士的報刊登,有關加強中藥監管保障市民健康的文章中提及我們公司與高等教育科技學院(THEi)合作的「 手提近紅外光譜 (NIR) 快速鑑定中藥系統。在中藥材的鑑定技術上, 能大大提升檢測藥材真偽及品質的時間、準確度及方便度。


Report on NIR Identification Technology

Thanks to Dr. Winnie Tang , Adjunct Professor in the Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Geography, Faculty of Social Sciences and Faculty of Architecture at the University of Hong Kong (HKU). 

Published in the Sing Tao Daily and Bastille Post , the article about strengthening the supervision of traditional Chinese medicine and protecting the health of the public mentioned that our company cooperated with the Institute of Higher Education Technology (THEi) “Portable near-infrared spectroscopy (NIR) rapid identification system for Traditional Chinese medicine”. In terms of the identification technology of medicinal materials, it can greatly improve the time, accuracy and convenience of detecting the authenticity and quality of medicinal materials. 

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