Our team

Filix MedTech is a startup with a diversified and talented team. We have expertise in Chinese Medicine, Application Development and Technology as well as User Experience Design and proven record of large-scale project delivery experience.

WONG Wai Kong (WK)


Prior to founding Filix Medtech, WK had taken up senior Banking IT position in the areas of technical support, system development, information security and project management. WK currently holding MSc in IT and Internet Application and MSc in Chinese Medicines. He also process professional qualifications like registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner, and CISA, CISM and CISSP in Information Security areas.

Dr. Wesley CHOW

Partner (Operations)

Dr. Wesley Chow, CM Pharmacist (PRC) obtained his MPhil. and Ph.D. from Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine. He had worked in the Department of Health (HKSAR) and later as the regional manager and consultant of Healthy Pharmaceutical Limited for 15 years. He is currently serving as a senior lecturer in THEi, and his research interests are technology application and the standard establishment of Chinese medicines.

Dr. Dawn AU

Partner (Research)

Dr. Dawn Au, CM Pharmacist (PRC), graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University with a Ph.D. in Pharmacognosy in 2018. Macroscopic and microscopic authentication of Chinese medicines are her expertise and had served the Hospital Authority and Department of Health (HKSAR), engaged in pharmaceutical services and regulatory management. She is currently a programme leader of BSc (Hons) in Chinese Medicinal Pharmacy in THEi.

Ms. Noel CHOY

Research Assistant

Noel Choy is a Year 1 Biotechnology and Business student studying at HKUST. As a highly-motivated explorer, she perseveres in trial and error, tries everything, reaches out to people and learns the best of every encounter and experience.
She aspires to contribute to Biotechnology research. The way Traditional Chinese Medicine works in harmony with nature to promote physical and spiritual wellbeing has always fascinated her. She aspires to integrate Western Medicine and physiological knowledge with ancient Chinese wisdom to create healthcare products and services.

Ms. Kylie CHOW

Project Assistant

Kylie Chow is a currently Year 3 Chinese Medicinal Pharmacy student studying at THEi. She has graduated from CBCC with Higher Diploma in Pharmaceutical Dispensing in 2017. She has served the Hospital Authority as a Dispenser for 3 hospitals, engaged in medication dispensing, prescription vetting and vaccine reconstitution in major. She has experienced in Chinese medication dispensing when worked in clinic. She has been assisting in project of NIR technology spectroscopy on Chinese medicine identification.

Ms. Hera Wong

Marketing Lead

CM Pharmacist (PRC). Author of “Eating Wisely: The Secret to Choosing the Right Medicine” and “Girls Must Read: The Secret Book of Beauty and Health”. She has experience in various aspects such as Chinese pharmacy, testing center, project research, and Chinese medicine factory.